name » I wasn't going to post on here due to obvious reasons but I gotta say out of the episode and reading your tagboard, its funny as hell. I think your friends have a seriously sugar problem. JK
Z » Z
wok lamo » wok lamo
nobody » I'll meet you at the corner, down the end of the street, at the window sill edge.
name » how are you?
name » damn old people and their rascal scooters! hey back.
nobody »
raven » time to change the song baby
name »
nzme »
Awesome UK » Awesome!
Awesome UK » Awesome!
the king of blighty » awesome sauce
nobody » <3
nobody » <3
roo » hello from my awesome new laptop
Roo is Awesomesauce » Happy.. today day.. and happy tomorrow day too.
wacky wally » 1....2.....3......HB2U!!!
Awesome Roo » England to Sevencrows, England tp Sevencrows.. do you recieve Sevencrows.. the roo is in the garden and the awesome is sitting on the throne. Lmao
Awesomeness of Roo » Happy New Year!
Awesomeness of Roo » Happy New Year
Awesome Roo » Happy New Year!!
Wallace WinterFest » a groovy solstice to ye
Wallace WinterFest » a groovy solstice to ye
name » bow chika wah wah
Roo » Fireworks Rock.. Toffee Apples make a marsupial go bonkers. Happy bonfire night
name » fre freaky deaky song.
Roo » It has been scientifically proven.. by the genius that is myself. that the name Roo means exceedingly awesome and brilliant. lmao.
Roo » moon cakes.. woooah.
Roo » Spaghetti and meatballs.. spaghetti and meatballs.. were all loving spaghetti and meatballs...
name » hmmm dancing in the dark. that could be fun. Ecept i think i done that before. cept i was running more into the wall than anything.
Roo » It is very poddible (2) that this is the longest weekend to ever have existed. operation outside is going into action.
name » you make me smile Seven.
Roo » O.O.O.O... lovin those extra O's.. keep the O's alive..
name » you know sometimes i wish your site had a LIKE button on it. It's a facebook thing.
Roo » Oh thankyou.. thats a lovely thing to say.. i wish i could say the same about you.. but i cant.. its an exclusive club.. just me and one other member.. sorry.. i guess.
name » you really are the best. i hope you know that.
Roo » to be frank.. thats not really a good special is it? lol..
name » your so special. But im even more special because i got pulled over for doing yoga while driving.
name » but in all seriousness you are cool.
name » haha yeah and i am in third right?lol
Roo » At least get it right.. one of the two most awesome people ever.. lol.. and yes the other is me
name » you are the most awesomest person ever
Wally Whatnot » Dream..Believe..Take a Chance..Shake Well..Repeat as Needed..
Sevencrows » Roadrunner.
Roo » Meep!! Meep!!
v » i'm not going to give up. unless you flat out tell me to.still thinking of you....
Roo » Hey Awesome.... dont eat the fish custard!
poop » poop
Wally O. Walters » yo..sup chum? Sun shinin out yer way?
Raven » love you
Roo » Bored!.. snowed in and bored... cant even get anyone to have a snowball fight... silly weather
The Wind Cries Wally » lunchtime today marks the return of The Light..and I'm ok with that..
noot » black crayons. pfm. shanks for the s'prize..
noot » black crayons. pfm. shanks for the s'prize..
Roo » trampolines and mini golf.. glow in the dark bowling and lightsabers.. you could win all these things.. See inside of pack for details
wailin' wally » Turkey says "Eat Ham..or better yet, tofu".
Roo » BOOOOOO!!! Kasabian - underdog = awesomness.
verena » well, ok.
Roo » allo vera!.. did it help?
Wally » a little aloe vera will help with that burning ring.
Roo » could use some of them sevencrows patented words of wisdom tonight, lol... miss ya
Roo » its a bit warm...107 at its peak today!!! lovely stuff
Roo » hello from worksop useing the dodgy office pc
Roo » afternoons off work, mixed with sun and beer and loads of mates = lots and lots of fun lol
Raven » silly billy!!!
Roo » O Mah Gossh!!!
Sleepy » UPDATE! lol
wally » happy hoe-down (couple days late..?)
Raven » get off!!!
Roo » Keith the mouse eats cheese
Raven » hey you were on!
Raven » AHHHHHH......your never on!
Raven » i wish you were online
Roo » beware the vampire rabbits
Raven » 6 months deary!!!!!
Roo » judoon platoon upon the moon
Raven » you wont answer the phone....lame...but anywho i love you anyways my Lovelys
Raven » you wont be leaving my arms ever! i promise you that! even if you want me to let go honey...even if you want me to let go!
Rob » i wish you were here
the walrus » W is for Wall..wallowing in a white-out..while wishing winter would wane....
verena » hm.
Roo » Cos its easier to fly than to spend another night of southern sun
old friend » the forked tongue speaks of the rabbiTEEN
Roo » Greetings from my new
Roo » i hate mornings... nice little random fact there
Roo » im turning into an ice cube!!!!
wallace » hippy gnu yee-haw!!
Roo » There's a starman waiting in the sky, he'd really like to meet us but he thinks he'll blow our minds.
Roo » its cold.. oh so cold.... COLD!!
verena » marf
Raven » this totally sucks! i'm online and i know your online but my fuckin email wont work right well anyway HI!!! love you!
Roo » beware....the rabbits live on
Roo » Ive updated my site again...................and you still's just not right. lol
Roo » iave a ceiling on my floor and a hole in my ceiling