Entry: Goodness knows I saw it coming Sunday, March 23, 2008

I just heard it on the news this morning...



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July 20, 2016   05:21 AM PDT
Oh, it is really funny! Good idea!
August 25, 2008   01:11 PM PDT
All I wanted was the damn picture

The Crow

Sleek and black he set at the edge of the field
A man with a gun was determined
to end his life
He had done nothing that wasn't of his nature,
but the man was determined to end his life
He heard her call and without hesitation he flew to her
but the man was determined to end his life
Their love was pure and sweet as they were created
But the man with a gun ended his life.

She waits in sweet rememberance
a sword in her hand
The man with a gun will be back
Will she have her revenge
The man is determined to end her life.

by WVGrandma

March 27, 2008   01:15 PM PDT
Thats funny!!!
March 24, 2008   09:47 AM PDT
That poor, poor bunny.lol

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