Entry: But man he had it comin', now that Janie's got a gun she ain't never gonna be the same Thursday, December 21, 2006

A week or so ago, myself, my mate, and his girlfriend, ventured out into the lovely world of Christmas shopping.  And if you didn't hear the sarcasm in the word lovely, rewind, replay, and listen more closely.
At the end of the evening, I was searching for a less than mile long line to pay for a grand two items I wanted to be out of there with.  While scanning the people with piled wagons in front of them, my mind reeled with the success in yelling "bomb!".
How come all the people with two shopping carts get to go first?
It was suggested that I try the "express" register in the back of the store, guarenteed of course to be faster.
15 minutes later.
Excuse me, sir, where's the Prozac?
During my stand time in the line, or "sit time", as I did for half of it, my companions got locked on the other side of the gate, seperating the two stores.  It was sign-languaged through the bars that I'd meet them round thier exit.  So once I'd been rung up, I headed round to my exit with everyone else who'd been in the line.  Most of them were pushing filled shopping wagons.
We get to the exit at the same time.  So we're all walking through it together.
The alarm goes off.
I'd been in malls, crowds, and lines for far too long already, so with the homocidal thought of having to wait while a security guard went through all the others shopping wagons, and knowing my mates were waiting round the other exit, I looked at the others, and uttered -
"It's you."
And bolted.

I didn't quite realize how that looked, until I told my awaiting mate about it, who burst out laughing.


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December 27, 2006   06:57 PM PST
I'm glad I'm not the only one with a temptation to shout bomb to avoid long queues

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